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Advance stocks two styles of Weld Pins manufactured by Buckeye Fasteners: Low carbon steel weld pins with projections on top of the head (PG); and projections under the head (PH). PG weld pins are welded permanently to the component surface and are ideal for applications in concealed locations and blind applications. The cold-forged unit construction of the PG weld pin can perform as a solid bearing surface, hinge pin, stop or mounting pin. The PG weld pin needs no mounting hole, improving both product appearance and durability.

The PH weld pin has three identical precision projections on the underside of the head permitting the pin to be used on through-hole applications. The projections permit exact positioning and balance for optimum welds. In through-hole applications, the head of the pin is welded to the metal of the component which make the joint stronger than the surrounding area. PH weld pins create strong bolds which are ideal for hinge pins, bearing surfaces, structural supports and stops.
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