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Weld Screws Advance stocks two styles of Weld Screws manufactured by Buckeye Fasteners: the Right Angle Spot Weld Screw (SS); and the Carbon Steel Surface Weld Screw with three projections on top of the head (GWM).

The SS spot weld screw has a shaped flat spade at a right angle to the threads that permits welding to or through metal surfaces. The spade has been designed to accommodate various sizes of electrode tips. The SS spot weld screw can use the same settings, electrodes and welding equipment used in normal productions. It is ideal for applications in confined areas such as narrow channels, walled corners and in applications requiring threads offset from component surfaces.

The GW weld screw has three projections on top of the head for welding to the sheet surface, not through it. The GW weld screw eliminates the necessity for holes, thus is ideal for applications where product appearance or potential leakage is a prime consideration. The exterior surface of the product is left virtually unmarred as the screw heads do not protrude or spoil the appearance. The GW weld screw is an excellent choice for blind locations too, because it can be permanently pre-attached.
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