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Goebel Cordless Rivet Tools

GOEBEL 18V cordless rivet tools are light weight, ergonomic and economic battery-powered tools. All cordless rivet tools have a brushless BLDC motor technology, LED lights, and two quick-change rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. The entire line of GOEBEL cordless tools are operated by the same 18V battery model which is maintenance-free, energy efficient and provides a long service life.

The stroke setting of the cordless riveters can be easily adjusted via the integrated control panel with a simple touch of a button. Each blind rivet tool has a transparent collector for mandrels, and an integrated automatic setting mode for series assembly which allows the blind rivet nut to be processed without pressing the trigger button.

The powerful 18V 2.0AH 36WH lithium-ion battery enables significantly higher performance and long runtimes. Each battery has a deep charge protection (ECP), which protects the battery from possible damage. An LED light on each model indicates the current battery charge status. Battery charging times are less than 30 minutes, and each battery can be charged at less 1,000 times.

• Brushless BLDC motor
• 18V LI-ION Battery 2.0AH 36WH
• Minimum 2 hours run time
• Battery status light
• LED light
• Set includes: plastic case, tool, mouthpieces/threaded mandrels, spanner, quick charger, 2 18V batteries.


• Automotive
• Manufacturing
• Construction
• Mining
• Infrastructure
• Military
• Railways

About Goebel:

Since 1979, GOEBEL has been a manufacturer of innovative fastening solutions. GOEBEL is certified ISO 9001:2015 and has 6 locations worldwide. In 2021, GOEBEL introduced the 18V cordless rivet tools to the industrial market, and Advance Components became a distributor of GOEBEL 18V cordless installation tools in 2022. Contact the Advance sales team for application support, quotes and more.

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